How To Play

The rules are simple:

  • Send more words than the servers word threshold
  • Spaces DO NOT count (updated every 24 hours)

To add the bot on your server:

  1. Click this link and select your server (requires server admin)
  2. Type "!threshold [number]" to set the servers threshold
  3. Just send messages like normal and hope you hit the server threshold

What's the point of this?

To replicate Snapchat Streaks but in discord.
This also encourages users to be more active in the discord

Server owners can offer rewards to those more active than others

The bot tracks the word count of a user

If a user hits the servers word threshold the user will get +1 added to their streak score


"Hi, How is your day going?" - Total number of words counted 6

Bot Commands

  • !streak - Shows the current streak leaders for your server
  • !invite - Sends you an invite link to invite the bot to your discord
  • !globalstreak - Shows the global streak leaderboard
  • !info - Shows information about the bot and link to the website
  • !profile - Displays the users profile for the server that the command is run in
  • !threshold - Only owners can use this command to set the server threshold
  • !countdown - Starts a countdown timer
  • !pfp - Enlarges your profile image
  • !help - print all the command info